Our final (seriously) move! Please click on the CONTACT PAGE (above) for details.
There are MANY very happy ServoCAT customers now well over 1600 strong! - please refer to our "customer comments" page (on the Customer Photos page) to see a tiny sampling of the comments we receive every day. We are pleased to make a product that our customers feel comfortable with. The theme that permeates the comments is ease of use and the highest degree of functionality - simply it does what it is suppose to in a manner that isnot "in your face" - it simply allows you to use the scope for what it is intended: viewing the Universe in all its glory!.

Please refer to the excellent review done by Tom Trusock found at : WWW.CloudyNights.com/documents/StellarCAT.pdf

What's new? CHECK OUT OUR LATEST RELEASE: Version 7 ServoCAT firmware!

Gen3 includes a built in USB port with drivers for XP/Vista/Win7. Easy to install - then use it for any PC connection. Even WIRELESSLY (and even for updating the user parameters or upgrading the software!). In addition Gen3 has been redesigned to use mostly surface mount components. This increases the reliability as well as reduces our cost - keeping the cost of the system low for you. Our price for the ServoCAT hasnot changed in 7 years and we're proud of that. We're constantly working on ways to improve the product while keeping costs low and lower.

New ServoCAT Hand Controller!
Our "next-gen" hand controller - no longer called a "handpad" as it has built in intelligence - provides even higher functionality and ease of use. The handpad was completely redesigned with a new MEMBRANEkeypad for the less used functions, GOTO, Spiral Search, and Local Sync... and using low force easy to "find" discrete buttons for the motion buttons (CW, CCW, UP, DWN). In addition there are now individual buttons (membrane) for the 4, not three but FOUR speeds: SLEW, JOG, GUIDE-fast, and GUIDE-slow! The new GUIDE speed provides better control of the eyepiece view when using higher power eyepieces. So now there are a total of 8 speedsavailable to the user - with 4 GUIDE speeds! AND each of these speeds have their own low light LED above them showing at a glance what speed you've selected. The cable connection now uses a standard "handset" cable... we supply a coiled cord for this purpose making it less likely to get in the way while using it.

The GOTO and LSYNC (Local Sync) also have their own lights indicating their state without the need to look at the front of the ServoCAT! Push any 3 or more buttons and the system goes into "B-Stop" mode - a rapid stop function that prevents inadvertant "hits" on ladders and other obstructions that were not seen... 2 blinking red lights indicate its in this "state".

There are no longer any "addresses" to set! AND the Wireless handcontroller system has 64 channels - all selectable from the keypad so there are no more interference issues at large star parties - it's easy to see what channel you have and change it. The range is limited to about 30' - not the 100'+ of the previous system entirely eliminating any address complications previously seen.Finally the Wireless is fully FCC certified so there are no more assembly requirments and there are no external antennas on either the hand controller or the receiver.
NOTE: the new hand controller (wired) and Wireless Hand Controller are available for most Gen2 ServoCAT's. A software upgrade to version 5.9 (or later) will be needed to take advantage of the new features. Gen1 ServoCAT - contactStellarCAT.

New Wireless PC communications!
We now offer a wireless PC connection for well under $100! Ease of installation and use and a limited range of about 30' make it superb for home or star parties!

New custom made precision stainless steel beveled gear set!
Our Jr and standard gearboxes now use custom made precision cut beveled gear sets for higher performance and a very long life!

The ServoCAT was designed from the ground up by an experienced digital and power design engineer - it is designed to be reliable - not "small" and "cute"... not with functions that less than 1% of users will use ... it is designed with all the required features you will need - to work reliably day - or night in and night out! Our generation 1 units have had a very low failure rate. Our generation 2 units, over 750 strong, have had 4 failures - all fixed and shipped back within 24 hours of receipt at our facilities! ... It IS reliable and designed to last a lifetime. YOU can't hurt it - period!

And our level of support cannot be matched. We believe customer support is the most important "product" to offer to you. We are a full time company that has been in business for 13 years (and our "parent" company has been going for over 30 years now)! We are here when YOU need us - not when it is convenient for us. We take calls every day of the week including most holidays - up until as late as 11 PM (no later than 8 PM Texas time) and answer emails all day... and night long! If your out in the field and you have a question or think there is a problem: we're more than likely here to help. You then go about doing what you intended to do - using your scope! With limited viewing times due to family and weather (AGH!) time is important to you - and we understand that.

Gen3 ServoCAT and next-gen Wired Hand Controller

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