There are MANY very happy ServoCAT customers now 600+ strong! - please refer to our "customer comments" page (on the Customer Photos page) to see a tiny sampling of the comments we receive every day. We are pleased to make a product that our customers feel comfortable with. The theme that permeates the comments is ease of use and the highest degree of functionality - simply it does what it is suppose to in a manner that is not "in your face" - it simply allows you to use the scope for what it is intended: viewing the Universe in all its glory!.

Please refer to the excellent review done by Tom Trusock found at :

As for reliability: the ServoCAT was designed from the ground up by an experienced digital and power design engineer - it is designed to be reliable - not "small" and "cute"... not with functions that less than 1% of users will use ... it is designed with all the required features you will need - to work reliably day - or night in and night out! Our generation 1 units have had a very low failure rate. One problem was the largest percentage of this group, attributed to a contaminated component batch from the manufacturer. Our generation 2 units, over 300 strong, have had essentially ZERO failures! Ok... one. A resistor failed as open - something that this engineer has only seen once in a 25+ year career... It IS reliable and designed to last a lifetime. YOU can't hurt it - period!

And our level of support cannot be matched. We believe customer support is the most important "product" to offer to you. We are a full time company that has been in business for 6 years (and our "parent" company has been going for over 20 years now)! We are here when YOU need us - not when it is convenient for us. We take calls every day of the week including most holidays - up until as late as 11 PM (no later than 8 PM Arizona time) and answer emails what seems 24 hours a day! If your out in the field and you have a question or think there is a problem: we're more than likely here to help. You then go about doing what you intended to do - using your scope! With limited viewing times due to family and weather (AGH!) time is important to you - and we understand that.

M81 - ONE HOUR single Exposure [Dan Price]

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