NEWNEWNEW! Installation and Usage Video!

With almost 300 units in the field we feel the written installation instructions have done their job well! However we know there are still those that are fearful of drilling a hole in their precious scope... this new video will help you, if your one of them, to install the ServoCAT on YOUR scope, in hours, and to set it up and use it the same day!

ServoCAT Installation Video
    * Title 1
      0:00 Introduction
      1:12 Discussion of the CD & Documentation
      7:48 Packing List, Parts
      11:00 Installations on the CD
      17:00 Updates & Upgrades (Software)

    * Title 2
      00:00 Pre-Installation: Stretching, Tools,Parts
      13:00 AZ Installation GB/PGB

    * Title 3
      00:00 AZ Installation motor/gearbox assembly. AZ Encoder
      36:15 ALT installation

    * Title 4
      00:00 Finishing the ALT installation
      06:08 ALT encoder, CATtail Stalk, custom cabling, cable routing
      22:15 Assembled Scope/Initial Setup, usage, testing
      37:35 AutoCAL - Introduction to the AutoCAL and the AZ AutoCAL process

    * Title 5

    * Title 6
      00:00 ServoCAT Description, status LED's, switches, connectors
      13:00 Handpad Description and usage
      26:00 Wireless Handpad Description and usage

This video is standard with a retrofit kit purchase. It can also be obtained by itself for $20 (rebated if a kit is later ordered). Contact us for more details or to order!

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