SuperProgram Mode NEW!
“SP” mode adds multiple utilities to improve the performance and/or function of the ServoCAT equipped scope.

> AutoCal(ibrate): AutoCal allows one to commission his scope simply. This system will automatically identify and save YOUR scopes precise ratio. This will then provide the highest precision in tracking and GOTO performance. HOURS of tracking... In addition it is a great diagnostic tool for determining if and by how much your scope has encoder system errors and/or slippage. The dual pass/fail system will tell you WITHOUT a PC connected how you have done and determine the precise ratio for your scope. If a PC is connected it will print out the ratios AND the error values so you know what is what!

> AutoReset: Sets parameters back to the default ones.

> Auto Select: Selects one of 2 parameter sets for dual scope usage.

> AutoGuide: Turns on the ST4 compatible Autoguide capability. Note this feature is to be released. The hardware for the ST4 compatible system is on ALL ServoCATs shipped already - the only requirement for this usage would be the FREE software upgrade.
(NOTE: the ServoCAT can and has done AutoGuiding already. Contact StellarCAT for more details if you want to use it now.)

Complete system pricing.

Customer Photos NEW!
Obsession Kit Details NEW!

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