These systems are complete electronic control packages. They allow the control of a telescope using either a Argo Navis or Sky Commander as the reference. They can be used to control either a Dobsonian or an equatorial mount telescope. By control we mean the ability to track or automatically follow the sky, slew (move) around at various speeds selectable by the user, and GOTO an object selected by the user.

Just Some of the Features:
Local Sync
> Allows the ServoCAT to “remember” an offset to an object thereby improving the pointing accuracy of the DSC system in a 5 - 10 deg radius area. Similar to the higher precision pointing now offered by others (but we had it FIRST!).

True Spiral Search
Can’t find that object (not uncommon with DSC)? Want to explore the Veil, North American, Virgo, etc? SIMPLE! The Spiral Search feature will spiral out from its center point at a constant speed and width allowing you to search and explore! SIX speeds/widths for different field widths (scope size and eyepiece used). This is a “TRUE” spiral - not a box or some other shape... if left to search the whole area it will span an area of 12 sq degrees! When you want to stop simply push any of the motion buttons and it stops and tracks from there! “REALLY COOL” is the most common statement when it is used for the first time!

One comment that helps to sum it up:
"I just wanted to mention to you that the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that you put into the ServoCAT system really shows. You have taken some ambitious design parameters, especially regarding the many features of the system and the flexible range of scopes the system will work with. You have also made it relatively easy for the non-technician to install and a breeze to operate. There truly is nothing else out there like it."BR Apr07

More Feature Details

Complete System Pricing

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Customer Comments
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Do-It-Yourself Installation
Easy Setup
Simple: “no hassle” use!
Fully and easily configurable (can even use on multiple scopes!)
“Plug-n-Play”: fully connector-ized
Powered by 12V only: and low current consumption
Powerful Servo motors
Closed loop control: no “slip” worries
Fast slew rates: 5-6+ degrees/sec.
EIGHT user speeds for convenience
Limit switch capable
Handpad and enclosure “emergency” stop function
FREE future upgrades in features and functions
Fully automatic smooth tracking of the sky
FULLY supports EasyTrack - Tracks without a DSC or PC!

“GOTO” from:
Sky Commander (inc XP4) 9,000+ objects;
Argo Navis’ 30,000+ Objects;
Argo Navis’ 1100 USER objects;
Megastar, Astroplanner, The Sky 1,000,000 objects.
PC Planetarium View (shows scope’s position in the sky) using Megastar, Astro-planner, The Sky, and many more.
Full-featured Hand Controller
4-Speed selection with LED indicator;
Simultaneous axis moves;
Local Sync;
Spiral Search

Last edit date: 2/2/2010

The ServoCAT is also available from the following fine telescope manufacturers:

Obsession Telescopes
SDM Telescopes
Webster Telescopes
StarStructure Telescopes
and MANY others

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