NOTE: A complete DSC system requires the
following items: Argo Navis, Hi-Res Encoders (2), Encoder mounting hardware, and the encoder cable. If you already have another complete DSC you would only need to buy the Argo Navis to upgrade.

Ultra-High Resolution Encoders
Includes our exclusive ECPS Bd that protects your encoders from the only thing that will take them out: STATIC! AND it won't break if the cable is accidentally yanked!
Only $85. Each (10,000 cnt)
Only $160. Per pair (2” diameter, 1/4” shaft, 10,000 cnt)
Only $250. Per pair (32,000 cnt)

Encoder Mounting Hardware
Only $80. Scopes smaller than 17”
Only $90. Scopes 17.5” - 25”

Encoder Cable (~8' AZ, 6' ALT; custom no-charge if reasonable)
Only $25.

AC Power Block for Argo Navis
Only $15.

Ext Power Cable for Argo Navis
Only $20.

Ext Power Cable for Argo Navis
For use with Powered Ground Board distribution rail
Only $15.

Argo Navis Serial Programming Cable
Only $20.

Installation Services
We now offer installation at our factory. Ship us the rocker and we will install the system and have it on its way back to you within 7 days typically. Prices:
$590. for 15 - 20” scopes BASIC INSTALL
$690. for the 25” scope BASIC INSTALL
Contact StellarCAT for quotes on larger scopes.
The user will still have a few holes to drill in their scope - all instructions and parts supplied to accomplish this - about 60-90 minutes time to do it.

Use ONE ServoCAT for TWO Scopes
NOW the ServoCAT electronics can be used on more than a single scope! If you own 2 scopes and typically take only one out you can now purchase a Mechanics only kit (everything sans the Electronics) for your second scope.
The price is just
$899. for 10 - 16” scope size using the Jr,
$1099. for 15 - 20” scope size using the standard,
$1199. for 21”+, and
$599. if the second scope is an equatorial scope.

Contact StellarCAT for more details if interested. This system allows you to move the electronics from one scope to another - you get a second scope at a lower price!

Upgrade Generation 1 ServoCAT Controller
(off-white box)
NOW you can upgrade from your Generation 1 ServoCAT to a NEW Generation 3 unit! This will provide you with the latest advances in technology and design. A built in USB port for any and all PC operations. The GEN3 takes advantage of newer chips and thus has firmware features that cannot be supported in GEN1 units.

This upgrade consists of a new GEN3 ServoCAT,
next-gen Hand Controller with TWO GUIDE speeds on the HC and LED indicators (very-low light), an adapter module to allow your existing motors to plug into the new GEN3 ServoCAT, cables, CD/DVD, and instructions.
Only $769. [upgrade Gen2>Gen3: $729]

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