USB to Serial Converter
for communications from your USB equipped PC to the ServoCAT or Argo Navis.
Only $30.

Wireless 232
Connect your laptop PC planetarium program to the ServoCAT seamlessly!

More Details

Wireless 232

Use ONE ServoCAT for TWO Scopes
NOW the ServoCAT electronics can be used on more than a single scope! If you own 2 scopes and typically take only one out you can now purchase a Mechanics only kit (everything sans the Electronics) for your second scope.

The price is just
$769. for 10 - 16" scope size using the Jr,
$949. for 15 - 20" scope size using the standard,
$1039. for 21"+, and
$479. if the second scope is an equatorial scope.

Contact StellarCAT for more details if interested. This system allows you to move the electronics from one scope to another, flip a switch and have it recognize and work with the second scope! No fuss, no muss - and you get a second scope at a MUCH lower price!

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