Different scope sizes and brands.
There's a ServoCAT on most all brands of scopes out there starting at 12". However there are brands and sizes that have not been equipped. We offer a "New scope - first install" rebate to those that want to install the system onto their scope that has not previously been done. This rebate is $250 - 300 depending on the type and is in the form of a rebate after a successfull install has been done. We do ask as a requirement that we are supplied lots of digital pictures of the installation as well as descriptions of any issue to pay closer attention to. Since we provide both written instructions on MANY sizes/brands this process has always been very clean and successful. The DVD video also works well for all installs in that it gives one a sense of how things are done as well as why they are done. Contact us directly if you have a scope you would like to try to retrofit with a ServoCAT.

Dobsonian retro Kit - not for me (to install).
You say sounds great but you are not interested in doing the install yourself. OR you do not HAVE a scope that you CAN install it on but are looking. In either case you have the option of having it installed right here at StellarCAT. We only need your rocker - noting else (assumes Obsession scope, contact us if not). We will install it typically within 7 days of receipt and ship it back to you. You then will only need to drill a couple of minor holes and your off! The other option you have is - have it done by the scope manufacturer. Obsession, the worlds premier Telescope maker, currently is installing on new orders the complete ServoCAT/Argo Navis Tracking and GOTO system at a very reasonable price indeed! Other scope manufacturers have expressed interest - a couple are actually in the process of doing installs. Contact them directly to see if they would be interested idoing the install for you.
We also offer installs in Charlotte, NC as well as Texas and California (limited scope types).
Contact us for details.

Will this work on an equatorial mount such as a G11?
The answer is, at this time, up to you. The electronics will do the job... the task at hand is the mechanics. We can recommend motor/gearbox arrangements that will (should) do the job nicely providing slew speeds around 6 degr/sec. The actual amount of work would be mounting and coupling the gearbox to the worm shaft - for most not a difficult task. We are investigating means of making this easier but for those that want the capabilities NOW it is do-able.

What if I have a high precision mount with very low backlash?
The ServoCAT/Argo Navis package will allow one to use just the ServoCAT encoders to run BOTH the ServoCAT as well as the Argo Navis - providing for 22 arcsec resolution (60,000 counts) on mounts that are high precision mounts such as fork mounted EQ's and the like. Contact StellarCAT for more details.

Can I "see" where I am while using EasyTrack only?
Yes! EasyTrack allows one to use the scope for tracking simply by pointing it at Polaris (the NCP is preferred) and turning it on - voila - it's tracking! Now you can also connect to a planetarium program using a BBox mode and "see" the scopes position whereever it is in the sky!

What IS the most efficient means of doing a search in the sky?
Without a doubt - a Spiral Search! This is the ONLY non-overlapping path period! Not squares or concentric cirlces that overlap when going from one "size" to another... a spiral IS the only way! And the ServoCAT allows 4 spiral search patterns and speeds selectable by you!

What about backlash?
Contrary to suggestions by others... ALL SYSTEMS have some amount of backlash - PERIOD! It is a MECHANICAL attribute - not an electronic one! Unless you have a VERY EXPENSIVE mount and gear system it simply IS there. The way it is handled is the key. The ServoCAT has automatic backlash compensation built in. All systems are shipped with this parameter set low - it is up to the user on his individual scope to adjust this to the proper value for his or her scope. It is a simple process and we provide all information required to do so.

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