These are just a few of the customer comments on the ServoCAT:

GO (First run): “If there is something I won’t tolerate from a system like this is to spend the night fiddling with wires, making adjustments, or fixing problems. I was thus somewhat apprehensive when I arrived, not having tested or adjusted the system. My wiring was not finished as I was still undecided where to put the Argo Navis (digital setting circle) and the hand pad; I had wires hanging from the front of the telescope. I was also concerned that I had not adjusted the final gear ratio parameter (set in a configuration file) and that the unit wouldn’t track accurately. I knew that the motors moved the scope but I had done this test with the scope disassembled so I could only move it a few degrees in altitude.

Assembled the telescope as usual, dropped a 7 amp-hour battery in the rocker box and waited for twilight. After aligning the Argo Navis with two stars and verifying that it accurately found objects I engaged the drive system and did a GOTO. The telescope glided smoothly to the object. I then did a GOTO to another object. The telescope moved smoothly to this southern target and began tracking again. I left the telescope on this object and came back half an hour later to find it still in the 20-minute field of the eyepiece. I used the system for two nights without problems, and I love it!”

Star Party Attendee: “I was testing a new telescope: Obsession 18”, with Argo Navis digital circles and ServoCAT GOTO, slewing and tracking. It worked perfectly. I was a bit surprised. I had not connected the ServoCAT motor control before!. Although the wind was rather strong, the strong friction of Dobsonians helped a lot.”

TK: “Tried it out last night and it and the servocat performed flawlessly. It tracked Jupitor for 40 minutes when I the shut it down.”

TG: “The 20” performed well at Starfest this weekend. The people who know my scope were stunned to see it slew. All more impressive since the first time I did it it was getting fairly dark. David Levy (who spent most of his time at our campsite) called it ‘graceful’. He spent an hour or so using it to comet search Saturday night. He likes the wireless handpad.”

PR: “I wanted to let you know that my ServoCAT was a real hit at its first star party! Everyone was amazed that such a big scope could move like that. (I know an 18” Obsession doesn’t seem big after you’ve been working on a 36” scope, but it was the biggest scope many of the people at the star party had ever seen). It really made it easy to be able to GOTO an object and let the CAT track it. Not having to adjust the scope between every observer (and there were a LOT of observers there!) and being able to use as high magnification as I wanted was Great!”

JS: “Was able to track Mars at 305x with NO drift.”

RC: “I can report that the ServoCat works at the 10,000 foot elevation mark and the views were great, especially the veil nebula.”

RN: “Results are great. scope went right to alberio, held in the fov at 200X for 1&1/2 hrs, ( might have done even more) On Mars at 350X, went edge to edge in 50 minutes, which is great for crowds, (default values - no AutoCAL done).”

RP: “Wow - works great!  Saw more objects in 5 minutes than I usually see in an hour.”

MW: “How well does it work, you ask? Using 136X and slewing across the sky at 8° per second, then having the object in the FOV, is really amazing, but the ServoCAT handled it very well. Those few targets that were not in the FOV after a slew (due to alignment) were easily located using the “spiral search” feature. So, if I had my money back would I buy an EQ platform or the ServoCAT, you have got to be kidding, a 15” TD with goto, tracking, and spiral search, no comparison. The platform doesn’t even come close. Besides, if Obsession Telescopes thinks that the ServoCAT is good enough to be optionally factory installed, it has to be a great system.

MB: “I’ve attached some pictures of the ServoCAT install on my telescope.  The GOTOs are nothing short of spectacular, sometimes placing the object within the field of a 5mm Nagler @ 507x.”

ML: “Took out my ‘scope last night with the new encoder and wiring. It worked perfectly all night. Used the laptop with Skytools. Good fun!” 

JB (ServoCAT tracking Jupiter): “Had a pair of 12mm Radians in a Bader Bino Viewer with a 2x convertable barlow.  I think it was around 550 to 600 power.  It held up very well.  I think its great.  I’ve been very pleased.”

JH: “On Wednesday and Thursday, I had my ServoCAT controlled 17.5” TeleKit connected to SkyTools Real Time.  As people stood in line waiting to observe what I had the scope centered on, they were able to see the scope’s field of view and target on the laptop’s screen.  When the scope was centered on the Veil, they watched the ‘X’ move along the nebula as the person at the eyepiece used the wireless handpad to move the scope up and down the length of the target.  The quality of the display blew them away.”


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