FEATURES (continued)

Display star chart cross reference
Display detailed object description
Guide to object
Search for object by name in catalog
Identify objects of specified types, in magnitude range, in constellation or within a specified radius
Tour all objects of specified types, in magnitude range, in constellation or within a specified radius
Alarm on event with audible option
Display local time > Display UTC (Greenwich time)
Display local apparent sidereal time
Display Julian date/time
Stopwatch start/stop/reset
Stopwatch synodic (normal) or sidereal rate
Setup location (name, latitude, longitude - up to 15 locations)
Setup mount error compensation
Report enclosure internal temperature
Setup RS-232 communications ports for baud rate and emulation mode (Meade™, Sky Commander™, Tangent™ or Argo Navis™).

Download firmware or catalog upgrades
Load orbital elements for asteroids, comets & satellites.


Dual CPU’s
Motorola 5206e ColdFireô 40MHz with full 32-bit data paths and internal caches
PIC16C505 4MHz 8-bit microcontroller

2MB 70ns re-programmable FLASH.
Firmware including all catalogs is user upgradeable via serial port.
Firmware and catalog upgrades can be down-loaded from Wildcard Inno-vations web site for free.
512KB 50ns static RAM
8Kb non-volatile RAM

4 x AA alkaline cells (approximately 40 hours of continuous operation)
DC power jack for external power 8V to 16V. Also provides LCD heating function. External power cable optional.

Front Panel
Two buttons and a rotary dial with detents for easy operation

2 lines of 16 characters each.
Backlit red characters on dark background to preserve night vision.
Digitally dimmable with 100 settings.
Digitally adjustable contrast control.
Dew heater.

Encoder Port
8 pin RJ receptacle to interface with standard optical encoders.
Adjustable encoder sampling rates.
Encoder kits can be purchased as an option.

Communications Ports
Dual 4 pin RJ receptacles for two RS-232 channels supporting user definable speeds from 300 to 38400 baud.
Can be interfaced with a PC and supports use with star charting and ephemeris software such as STAR Atlas:PRO™, The Sky™, SkyMap Pro™, Cartes du Ciel™ or Xephem™ for telescope cursor control. Meade™, Sky Commander™ & Tangent™ emulation modes. Argo Navis™ native command mode. Communications cables available as an option.

Real time clock with separate 3V coin cell backup battery.
Date, time valid to year 2100 AD.

Sturdy ABS

Manufactured in Australia under ISO9001 quality control standards

Warranty & Disclaimer
Limited 1 year. Specifications subject to change.

© The Argo Navis is a product of:
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place Mount Kuring-Gai NSW 2080 Australia
ABN 56 076 242 450
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
Fax +61-2-9457-9593

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