StellarCAT (formerly known as RXDesign) has been in business since the mid-80's.
Our initial product was the world's first Microprocessor controlled "EME" (Earth-Moon-Earth) tracking system for tracking the Moon using very large Amateur Radio antennas.

Later, due to the company principals' growing interest in Astronomy, StellarCAT moved into the world of telescopes and their usage and control. Our beginning endeavor there was as the US distributor/manufacturer of the LE2IM HiSIS22 CCD camera. The first camera to use Kodak's new KAF0400 and KAF1600 CCD chips. It is a little ironic how our business and products initially required the Moon to be present. Our latest products require the Moon to be set!

StellarCAT's current offerings reflect our desire to maintain a high degree of technology consistent with value: providing the most "bang for the buck". The end goal, as always, is to increase our customers' enjoyment while using our products on their equipment.

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