Is it possible to do "imaging" with a Dobsonian Telescope!?

The answer is a resounding YES!

"Imaging" covers the gamut from using a "video camera" to view LIVE on a monitor Deep Sky Objects and planets like never before, short exposure direct digital camera and CCD camera shots, and, YES AND long exposure CCD work!

The new StellarCAM II and MallinCAM video cameras are very low light VIDEO cameras. What can they do? How about seeing detail in M51's Spiral Arms from a small telescope! Detail in The Orion Nebula that will easily rival a 25"+ telescope - taken in a 15"! The central star in the Ring... galaxies in the 16, 17 magnitude range... detail INSIDE the Eskimo... and on and on. These cameras when coupled with a tracking telescope are FANTASTIC! Use these cameras to extent your viewing time: when the weather and your work schedule only provide you a few (!?) nights a month - how about extending your viewing time with these high power cameras!? Indeed one user was able to SEE the Horsehead with the Moon only 30 degrees away! In addition these camera systems allow you to record the video to tape or to DVD and later to process them for great pictures. And of course the ultimate PUBLIC usage is to have the video camera set so many can see the object at one time AND see more detail in that object, no climbing ladders, messing with focusers, etc.

Others have done short exposure imaging using standard digital video cameras and other CCD cameras such as the new Meade DS1 camera. Software now exists to remove field rotation from your images - simply take 20 or more (to reduce any negative effects), rotate, stack and process!

Finally LONG EXPOSURE imaging is here! The pictures below were taken using a standard Obsession 25" telescope with a ServoCAT. The equipment used was an SBIG ST2000XCM, AO-7, and a Pyxis Field Rotator. The equipment and images are from Dan Price. These images are preliminary - the system is just being brought up - much more and better ones will soon be available! The ServoCAT's AutoGUIDE allows these long exposure images to possible. The shortest one here is 10 minutes, the longest SINGLE EXPOSURE image here is 60 minutes! Again - taken with an ALT/AZ telescope powered by the ServoCAT Track and GOTO System! M81 - ONE HOUR single Exposure [Dan Price]
    One Hour Single Exposure with limited post processing (no flat applied). By Dan Price using 25" f5 Obsession ALT/AZ Dobsonian with ServoCAT Track/AutoGUIDE

M81 - 10 Minute single exposure [Dan Price]
    10 minute Single Exposure with limited post processing (no flat applied). By Dan Price using 25" f5 Obsession ALT/AZ Dobsonian with ServoCAT Track/AutoGUIDE

M1 - 20 Minute single exposure [Dan Price]
    20 minute Single Exposure with limited post processing (no flat applied). By Dan Price using 25" f5 Obsession ALT/AZ Dobsonian with ServoCAT Track/AutoGUIDE

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