ServoCAT Gen3 (v7.0+) Manual
Manual available for download. (pdf file 522 KB)

Dobsonian AZ Install Manual
representative Manual available for download.
(pdf file 228 KB)

Dobsonian ALT Install manual
representative Manual available for download.
(pdf file 392 KB)

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Used for those that just want to use it NOW! Also helpful for other trouble areas. download. (pdf file 72 KB)

Argo Navis Users Manual Version 10
download. (pdf file 76 KB)

Software Features of the ServoCAT:
STANDALONE operation. NO PC required at the scope!
> Accurate tracking - setup your Argo Navis or Sky Commander DSC and watch it move (or not move as it were!).
> GOTO any of the DSC objects.
> RF Wireless Handpad available with 3 speeds of operation settable to your liking... and 2 sets of these as well (6 total).
> Smooth operation... push the button and the axis moves instantaneously! NO hesitation!
> NEW Spiral search feature allows you to “spiral” out from a point - find that object readily!
> Extra functions like Slip-Return... move the scope accidently (kids viewing!!?)... no problem... push the Function and S-RET buttons and return to where you were!
> How about when you are viewing something and you cruise off the side just for a peak... push the S-RET and your back where you were!
> And what about pointing errors?... errors in mounts often (more so than not) cause slight offsets in pointing accuracy... NO problem... find a nearby bright or known object in the catalog, SYNC on it... now you have the REAL offset to any object in the DSC Database while in this area. You will have much higher accuracy! Try this in Virgo!!
> and ... NOW with EasyTrack - tracking with no DSC or PC required! Point at the NCP, turn it on and away you go!

Is there more.... you bet!

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